Manage feature flags

Starting from GitLab 9.3 we support feature flags for features in GitLab via Flipper. You should use the Feature class (defined in lib/feature.rb) in your code to get, set and list feature flags.

During runtime you can set the values for the gates via the features API (accessible to admins only).

Feature groups

Starting from GitLab 9.4 we support feature groups via Flipper groups.

Feature groups must be defined statically in lib/feature.rb (in the .register_feature_groups method), but their implementation can obviously be dynamic (querying the DB etc.).

Once defined in lib/feature.rb, you will be able to activate a feature for a given feature group via the feature_group param of the features API

Feature flags for user applications

GitLab does not yet support the use of feature flags in deployed user applications. You can follow the progress on that in the issue on our issue tracker.